Emotion beating the crap out of logic!

Customer Experience Design and Saab?

Tomorrow I am teaching Design in Customer Experience at the Grow Design Management course in Oslo.

Getting the last preparation in place I came to think of my resent car purchase. Diving into the topic of Customer Experience, Service design and Design Management I could not help scrutinizing it.

I finally got the car I had been wanting to get for the last 10 years. A Saab 9-5 SportCombi. I have logic reasons for why this is the right car. But I guess I have even more reason for why it is the very wrong car. Old technology, high consumption, tax and insurance, way to big for what is needed and many more reasons I have forgot.

We needed a second car to commute to the airport and if at the same time it was roomy for the occasional haul of furniture, luggage, trash or…. Well I do not know – I just wanted that car and to be honest it was purely an emotion driven purchase.

The Kardashian of estates. We all have our opinions but you cannot ignore it is well designed with lots of care, got great lines and is impressive to look at.

I love the looks, how it sits on the road, the old school single turbo engine, the seats, the audio system and then there is the cup holder. Ohhhh yes the cup holder!

The cupholder to rule them all

It is soooo good it in itself could trigger the purchase. Just check out how others on Youtube are celebrating it:

An not only in a Saab but also apparently on a Vespa:

Minimum viable… yeah well

I would love if the world had more of this pleasant silliness.

Today where it is all about minimum viable products, designing to specific, forensic researched use cases and endless optimization to cost and manufacturing, we should have the guts to sometimes force in more of these small, quirky and highly non-logic experiences.

Yes – Saab did never make a profit, and yes the Japanese and Germans made technically more advanced and better designed cars, and in way higher numbers and yes, if GM had understood to levereage the Saab brand better etc. etc.

Please let me just for now enjoy my Saab. I really like it a lot.


Finally, a new version of trueheart.dk up and running 🙂 It is still very light but at least now the basics are in place.

The LEGO X-wing

Wow. I just realized it is 20 year ago I started as a model builder at LEGO.

I cannot remember what my first model hitting the market was, but the first Star Wars model was the LEGO Star Wars X-wing fighter 7140.

All other of my achievements fades compared to this…